Meet The Team

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brady anderton


Brady Anderton knows how to work hard and dream big. He’s an avid cliff-jumping skier, inventor and entrepreneur. He cut his teeth in production creating original content and commercials with a small run-and-gun crew. That ability to creatively stretch one dollar into two, or three, has never left him.

Always looking to evolve the production business model, Brady is at his best when he’s pushing against the boundaries of the status quo. “With the commercial production community being so fragmented, there is a greater need than ever for a single resource to seek out and collaborate with vetted companies and individual talent around the globe,” says Brady. “When you work with Fueld and our affiliates, you know you’re getting a certain quality and breed you can trust."


summer fInley kelly


Summer Finley is known for her infectious energy and strong work ethic. These traits have built her a reputation as one of the hardest working producers in Texas. From feature films and indie docs to spots for Fortune 500 companies in both the US and the UK, Summer has contributed her unique skill set to all aspects of the film business.

As Fueld Films’ Executive Producer, Summer has a knack for truly understanding her clients' needs, anticipating costs, and uniting the right team for each job. She considers herself a project matchmaker. “I love shifting the paradigm and coming up with solutions that no one thought possible. We all have a huge opportunity to create a movement in the consciousness of our industry. This is about making connections and fitting intricate pieces into an ever-changing puzzle.”