Jake Kovnat

Real People, Storytelling, Hidden Camera

DetailsWhen you have one chance to get the shot, one nanosecond to capture the reaction and make sure that it is in frame and in focus, Jake is your man. Whether it’s a documentary, narrative, or hidden camera execution, Jake can be trusted to connect with his subjects, capture the truth of the moment, and tell even the biggest brand stories with unparalleled authenticity. He has mastered the art of filming experiential content. Jake is currently based in Toronto, shacking up with his life partner Biggie Smalls (French Bulldog, no relation). He did grow up stateside and we tempt him back across the border as often as we can. Peanut butter cups help.

BrandsHP, Weber, Taco Bell, Bio Steel, Tim Hortons, WestJet Airlines, Ronald McDonald House, Canadian Tire, Tetley Tea.

RecognitionSpots for Tetley Tea, WestJet, and Ronald McDonald House all went viral with multiple callouts by AdWeek, Mashable and various other outlets worthy of Facebook re-posts.