ENDS (Daniel Iglesias Jr & Zack Sekuler) got their start in Music Videos combining their passion for visual storytelling with their unique tactile approach to stylized imagery. It paid off, with their first music video for "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood earning over 100,000,000 views. The pair have a diverse background with Zack Sekuler's graphic design education from California Institute of The Arts and Daniel Iglesias Jr's filmmaking and acting eduction from Chapman University. Utilizing their visual storytelling sensibilities and experience breaking artists into the mainstream, they were tapped to work closely with both the brand and the artist on the hugely successful "Renegade" campaign for "Jeep" and the band "X Ambassadors". ENDS have a passion and ambition that is equally matched by their work-ethic and dedication to making the projects they work on great.

BRANDS: Jeep, Chrysler, X Ambassadors, The NBHD