We all have those projects that leave us feeling warm and fuzzy inside and out. The kind of work that makes us remember why we're doing this in the first place. Well, we recently got the chance to produce on one of those projects that was a real treat (not only because it filmed near Halloween).

Client: University of Colorado Hospital - Cancer Center
Agency: Cactus
Director: Doug Chamberlain 
Producer: Erin Malloy
Executive Producers: Summer Finley, Brady Anderton 

The University of Colorado Hospital and University of Colorado Cancer Center worked with us and Cactus in Denver to tell the compelling story of cancer patients, and the hope they have through using UCH's state of the art cancer facilities and physicians. Like any sport, overcoming an illness requires stamina, hard work and a reliable team. And both physical and mental strength. The concept of this spot was to show the correlation between a pep talk between a coach to his players and how that relates to the same motivation needed to win the battle of cancer. And it's appropriate that this spot aired during the Broncos football games in Denver.

We teamed up with Director/DP, and in this case Quarterback, Doug Chamberlain to bring this idea to life. (Don't let the bat fool you).

Erin Malloy our amazing producer tends to make small miracles happen on a regular basis and this job was no exception. She really stepped up to the plate as Coach on this project!

Together as a team, they took a moving script, compelling visuals and utilized resources to create this very special spot.

As Exectuive Producer, Summer Finley says, "They worked their tails off for a good cause." 'Cause that's what we do at Fueld. We fight the fight and do whatever it takes to be victorious. Even when that means using Facebook friends to scout a location. We have a network of individuals who support us, and a crew that makes us proud and in the end we win because of them. 

Special thanks to Coach Malloy and QB Chamberlain for leading us to victory. Now, someone go find the gatorade in Craft Services so we can shower them!