As we gear up for Memorial Day weekend and the summer months ahead, it's time to whip out the grills and get ready for some serious outdoor entertaining. We love to BBQ so we drooled at the chance to to work with rabble+rouser and Weber to go camping and throw a party.

The campaign we filmed here in Austin is to promote the Weber Q, which is a really awesome, portable gas grill that comes in a variety of cool colors. The idea behind the series is to show how you can cook up a pretty amazing meal wherever you go. Whether it's a loft in downtown or a campground in the Hill Country.

We worked with the talented Jake Kovnat (Director) and David Wilson (DP) who together are a master at capturing the mood and feeling of an experience.  Always a good time on set, and this time we got to play with some fun cameras including a Black Magic camera connected to a helmet rig and shooting angles (and play with a cute dog actor too).

Photo Credit Shaun Gish

It takes a village and we're so lucky to have an amazing production team of PAs, Grips, and animal wranglers in our tent. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this production including our very own Producer Barry Heaps and Editor Tobin Holden - we couldn't do it with out you and we couldn't be more thrilled with how the spots turned out. Watch them below and (see how they integrated into their website too!)


Rooftop Birthday

Breakfast of Champions