There was no shortage of spots added to my list of amazing Super Bowl ads this year. 2014 brought us a selection of fun, creative, and moving ads: some to make us laugh, some to make us cry, and others to make us want Doritos. Here is my list of the best 10 ads from this year's ad-bowl. 

The Goofy Ads

Let’s start with the ones that made me giggle.

Ellen DeGeneres Beats Music

I have always loved Ellen’s dancing. She makes awkward moves socially acceptable…and I dig it.  What’s even better is this goldi-beats framing...the search for the perfect music selection. It is the cheese to my mac.

Heinz Ketchup

I love a good hum-diddy. And Ketchup. I love me some Ketchup.

Hyundai Genesis

The number of times my own Dad has saved me from falling into a ditch, hitting my head on a cupboard or being tackled by my two older brothers has me really appreciating this ad. Well done, Hyundai.

Volkswagen: Wings

The answer to human flight: become a German engineer.

Doritos Time Machine

“It’s the FUTURE.”

The Saucy Ad

David Beckham H and M

This category is dedicated to David Beckham. I, like many around me, found myself drooling into my beer when this ad came on. I shall never question the reason Beckham decided to walk out onto the roof of a building during an underwear shoot, because as far as I am concerned, it was a gift to the world. Many thanks to you, Mr. Beckham.

The Inspirational Ads

A number of inspir-ad-tional spots this year (I do apologize for the horrible pun…just can’t help myself). Let’s ease into this one by starting with a cutesy Budweiser ad.

Budweiser: “Puppy Love”

Budweiser: humanizing animals everywhere. How sweet is this?

Microsoft: Empowering

Reminiscent of the 2000 Nuveen ad, “Advances”, Microsoft has created a beautiful narrative of the incredible opportunities afforded to quality of life improvement due to technology.

Axe: Peace, Make Love, Not War

I would like to see all of these love connections turned into feature films. I am such a sap.

Coca-Cola: America Is Beautiful

I want to express my extreme gratitude to Coke for expanding the definition of “America.”  I strongly believe that their representation of diversity and truth through the multitude of voices that speak for our country should be applauded and admired.

Well, that's it folks...there are my picks for the 2014 Super Bowl dds. We'd love to hear your favorites, comment below. Until next year!