As a film production company that is on the road frequently, we know the importance of a good hotel and a good night's sleep. Thanks to Possible and Holiday Inn Express it's possible to stay smart. They pose the question "Did anyone stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?" to find out who the smart ones are.

Staying smart means being rested and being ready to take on whatever the day might bring you. Like a day of shooting a spot in an Emergency Room as Jim Gaffigan discovers...

Client: Holiday Inn Express
Agency: Possible
Director: Ben / Dave (via Washington Square Films)
DP: Munn Powell

He learns that just because you have a funny bone, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a great doctor. Surgery is no laughing matter but it does make you better at your job if you stay at a Holiday Inn.

Whether you are slicing film in the editing room or cutting people in the ER, having a warm hearty breakfast, fluffy pillows and free wifi certain help. Read more about the Holiday Inn Express Stay Smart campaign in Forbes.