When you think of car commercials, you typically picture one of three things: a sports car zipping around tight roads with lightning speed, an SUV towering over boulders with a disclaimer or an over-animated guy in a parking lot with a cheesy outfit on telling you to "come on down" to the local dealership.

Thanks to Bill Bernbach and Ned Doyle who changed the way advertising was typically created. They were the first to pair creative art direction with clever copy. The result was this memorable car ad: 

(Not a lemon of an ad).

Like Bill and Ned, the talented minds in advertising agencies and Directors are constantly tasked with delivering creative concepts that not only inform you of product benefits, but also entertain and inspire you through compelling storytelling. As the auto industry comes out with more and more features nowadays, it's that much more of a challenge to simultaneously be sexy and squeeze all the features into thirty seconds. And because car commercials make up a huge market share of the advertising airwaves, as consumers, we appreciate whenever we get a little break from the sterotypical spots. 

Take, for example, the recent Ron Burgundy campaign for Dodge Durango. Having America's favorite comedian comparing a horse to a car's horsepower? That's pretty brilliant and millions of people agree. Volkswagon also continues to provide us a good laugh every so often with ads like the Get In Get Happy spot from last year's super bowl. 

Recently, Fueld had the opportunity to work with rpa and Ben/Dave to have a little fun with some good old fashion function for the new Honda Fit and Pilot. See for yourself...

Client: Honda
Agency: rpa
Production Company: Fueld Films
Director: Ben / Dave via Washington Square Films
DP: Simon Thirlaway

What do you think? Are there some other good car commercials you've seen recently?  Comment below!