This past month we worked with the creative minds at McGarrah Jessee and directing duo Ben/Dave to pull off this treat of a shoot for Shiner Beer. All the stars aligned, in Shiner, TX of all places. Amazing weather, talented crew, multiple shots and all around good fun! 

"I've never seen anything like it. Ben/Dave's creativity, confidence and flexility were PERFECT for this project. And Erin's organization and leadership were flawless too. At least from my perspective. Great crew too. Everyone hustled and knew their jobs well. I'm still reeling from what we covered. We are so happy you guys did this job!" said McGarrah Jessee Producer, Meredith Roach. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We covered a lot of ground in the city of Shiner, but we pulled it off, and wrapped ahead of schedule. 

Let's jump straight into the good stuff - shall we? 

And yes, in case you were wondering, everyone from the spot is real, bonafide residents and/or employees of Shiner (including the infamous Brewmaster Jimmy Mauric). We couldn't make this stuff up or have asked for better talent. So there you have it, after 104 years of making great beer, Shiner is now making its way to New York. Thanks to everyone who helped pull off this gem. 

Producer: Erin Malloy
Director: Ben Hurst / Dave Thomas
Executive Producers: Brady Anderton, Summer Finley
Agency: McGarrah Jessee 
Agency Producer: Meredith Roach
Executive Creative Director: James Mikus
Art Director: Ross Aboud
Writer: Kevin Dunleavy
Account Director: Austin McKenna
Account Supervisor: Andrea Cruz
Post: Ben/Dave


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