We have watched in appreciation and excitement as the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty” has worked to reshape the idea of “beautiful.”  When the campaign began in 2004 it ignited a conversation about women’s perception of beauty. This open dialogue about the staunch and specific images and narratives used to describe beauty in media has invited a wave of self-esteem focused campaigns throughout the ad-world.  Of recent, Dove released a mini-documentary style ad called, “Selfie” that premiered at Sundance Institute’s Women at Sundance brunch marking the 10th anniversary of the “Campaign for Real Beauty.”

Client: Dove
Director: Cynthia Wade

Production Company: Recommended Media

The short film tells the story of a selection of mother-daughter pairs and their insecurities surrounding their “beauty.” The narrative highlights the effects that a Mother’s insecurities can have on their daughters. The idea behind this discussion: to stop the cycle of passing on body-image anxiety to our children. The project encourages women to take selfies and take hold of the power of social media to spread new images of beauty through their own self-portraits. Dove incites women to embrace their individuality and combat self-deprecation.

Dove is not alone in the fight to re-establish confidence in generations of women through their ad-campaigns. Aerie has launched a series of lingerie ads featuring models with “no retouching”. The campaign has vowed to let the model’s real beauty shine coining the phrase, “The Real You is Sexy.”

Here at Fueld we agree with this sentiment. We want to encourage women to participate in this idea of restructuring the notion of beautiful to fit our unique selves, inside and out!