Charles Kahle here! Not only am I Fueld’s most beloved Sales Assistant, I am also the token car aficionado! I’d like to present my 10 favorite car spots. Enjoy!

1. 2014 Dodge SRT Viper - “Body and Soul”

Dodge never fails to make impressive commercials, this is their finest. Featured as a winner in the 2014 AICP awards, this commercial elicits craftsmanship to the everyday hard worker and treats machine and man as unity.

2.  2015 Porsche Cayman GT4 – “Rebels, Race On.”

Considered far from pure in the minds of many, Porsche finally slapped a 911 motor in a Porsche Cayman. The weight distribution is the best a Porsche has ever been. And their spot couldn’t be more epic. Be very afraid.

3. 2015 Mercedes AMG GT – “Dreamcar”

Just released, this ad evokes a scared emotion to the lovers of Porsche 911’s, including myself. While the 911 may be my favorite car of all time, this ad might make you think twice.

4. 2012 Volkswagen – “The Force”

Not only one of the best car ads of all time, this is just one of the best ads of all time.  This aired during the 2011 Superbowl and has never been forgotten.

5. 2015 Dodge Brothers – “Charger and Challenger”

An old school feeling spot bringing out classic cars and modern cars - It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s nostalgic.

6. 1993 Chevrolet Trucks – “Like a Rock”

An instant classic, the most memorable spot of my childhood by far and the tune is quite catchy!

7. 2013 Volkswagen – “GTI + Underworld: Play the Road”

It’s a neat concept, and the ad asks something very different to the audience. “Musicians wanted.”

8. 2012 Formula 1 comes to America! – “Red Bull Racing takes first lap in Texas”

There are several reasons to love this spot so much. For starters it was filmed in my own backyard. Ok, well not my actual backyard, but down the road. Second, who doesn’t love a Formula 1 car going flat out in the dirt version of COTA and in downtown Austin?

9. 2013 Vossen Wheels – “Tesla Model S on 22 Vossen CV1 Concave Wheels"

I wanted to throw in a spot from a wheel company, and there is no better manufacturer than Vossen Wheels. Perhaps I like this spot because of the interesting lighting or the irony of the Model S being at a gas station since it is an all-electric car. Maybe it’s the sweet paint job. Either way, cool to watch.

10.  2009 Top Gear – “Poor Pitch”

The UK Top Gear team makes a commercial for Volkswagen’s Scirocco TDI. Their ad is awkward and the pitch to the ad agency hurts to watch!

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