The subject of being “green on set” is one I can definitely relate to. I’ve had no official schooling or previous work experience on set.  It is a humbling task to be on set for the first time with no experience and very little instruction beyond a time and place to arrive. There are a few survival tips that helped me survive my first onset experiences that I feel are worth sharing.


Unless you are told to call, text, or research something or someone, never pull out your cellular device. Not only does it give off the image that you are distracted, unfocused, or disinterested, but it also takes away your ability to observe the talent and professionalism that you are surrounded by. 


Always be paying attention to what your superiors (everybody) are doing, and why they are doing it. Sometimes it may feel like your picking up useless information however, much of that information comes into play later on when you begin to see the larger picture of what’s happening and going to happen.


Rule number two helps you to think ahead and go above and beyond for your superiors. Take what you’ve observed during your last task and apply it to the next. Be cautious not to go too far though. Remember you are there to do what your told, but going the extra mile on even the simplest tasks can leave a lasting impression.


Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re being asked to do, don’t be afraid to step up and accept the challenge. The best way to learn is hands on and you’ll be amazed at how many tasks are simply common sense. Plus, the more you volunteer, the more people will know your name, and the better your reputation becomes.


Not only will there be times when you are unsure of what’s expected, but there will be countless opportunities to pick the brains of professionals in every facet of the industry. You would be a fool not to take advantage of this. If you are unsure about a task, just remember that people would rather answer your questions and have something done right than having to redo something because you kept your mouth shut.

Being fresh on set will take you out of your comfort zone, it will be a high paced, and you will be at the mercy of those above you. However, keep your spirit high, stay busy, and ask questions. The learning curve will be steep  but soon, you will be feel comfortable chatting on the walkie and organizing the new green interns who are in the same spot you once were.

Thanks to Weston our Intern for sharing his thoughts for us on the Fueld Films Blog.