Every once in a while we get in touch with our touchy feely side and get to do some pro bono work for others. It not only helps others but it makes us feel good knowing we can use our craft to help a cause. For the past few years Fueld Films has partnered up with iACT to create a video shown at their annual Hope Awards gala and fundraiser held in April.

This year's focus was  “Service – A Life’s Journey” honoring four Austinites who embody social engagement and transformational service to our community. In addition to recognizing Alex Winkelman, Executive Director, Citizen Generation, Patsy Woods Martin, Founder and Executive Director, I Live Here, I Give Here, and Senator Kirk Watson and Liz Watson, State Senator and Community Leader the night also shined a  light on the stories of iACT's refugees.

iACT currently serves more than 500 adult refugees from 25 different nations who escaped their life elsewhere in the world, from Congo to Iraq, for a better, safer life.  iACT teaches them English and essential life skills to help the newly arrived and displaced individuals establish roots in their new hometown: Austin. Their tutors and mentors teach them essential language and “cultural orientation” skills and work to make these traumatized families feel welcome.

Fueld got the opportunity to sit down and talk to a few of the refugees to hear their story in hopes that through sharing their journey with us and others it would educate and inspire. One can only imagine what these individuals have been through and really puts life in to perspective to know how good we have it here in the U.S. - even on our toughest days.

Executive Producer: Brady Anderton
Director: Tom Spencer
Director of Photography: Shane Kelly
Editor: Sadie Cornelius

The determination and hope is admirable, isn't it? If you want to get involved visit iACT's website to learn more.