Interns. What would an office be without them? Well Fueld Films just got a new batch and, being a new intern myself, I had the opportunity to sit down with the newbies to find out a little more on what makes them… them!

First off, Jarryd Carrasco.

So, Jarryd, where are you from?

Well, I was born in San Angelo, TX but moved all over when I was four after my Pops joined the Army. We lived in California and Hawaii and I spent most of my teenage years in Temple, TX; we eventually moved back to Hawaii where I graduated. I can’t really say I’m from one place.

So what brought you to Austin?

I love Austin. I would come here on my vacation days while I was in the Air Force and always had a great time. I love 6th Street, of course, but there’s so much more to the city. The vibe especially. Plus, the film industry has a strong, weirdly creative presence here, which is great for me because that’s what I want to do!

What sparked your interest in film/television?

Jurassic Park! When that flick came out I watched it six times in the theater. I remember feeling awe, excitement, and being scared all at once. It was incredible! It wasn’t until I was almost graduated from high school that I realized that I wanted to become a storyteller and induce those same feelings that I had into others.

What would you like to ultimately do as a career?

Becoming a film editor is my end goal. Crafting a story out of images is a new passion I’ve discovered.

What made you want to join the Fueld team?

I wanted to intern with Fueld because of the quality of their productions. Having smaller teams but still being able to turn out a quality and professional production is amazing to me. I knew it would be a tremendous environment in which to learn.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love drawing/painting, finding awesome new places to eat, playing with my two boys, going to the movies, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Name something in Austin that you think is a “Must Do”.

So far… the Chef’s menu at Uchi on S. Lamar. 10 courses of fantastic food! Probably the best meal of my life. I’m a big fan of food and this city is great for roaming and looking around for good food. Also, Llama Peruvian Creole food truck on 7th and Trinity is so good it’ll make you wanna slap yo mama!

What is your favorite movie of all time?

Not fair!!! Just off the tope? The Matrix, The Dark Knight, Jurassic Park (Duh!), Collateral, Kingdom of Heaven… I really have too many!

Next up, Andrew Park.

Where are you from, Andrew?

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I came to Austin for school and then moved back to Dallas.

What brought you back to Austin?

I came to Austin because of the liveliness, the people, and the opportunities it has for media.

Tell me what sparked your interest in television/film.

I always loved watching movies growing up (who didn’t…) but started to grow a passion for it when I started making short videos with my buddies in junior high. We started out making silly videos for my church youth group, which led to short skits and bits to promote church events and activities.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I aspire to become a Writer & Director because not only do I want to create the stories, but I want to film them the way I envisioned them.

What brought you to Fueld Films?

I wanted to intern at Fueld because I saw the work they did and loved it! I wanted to work with people that could help me become a better filmmaker.

List off a few of your hobbies.

I love drumming and lots of eating… like everything.

What has been your most memorable experience in Austin, thus far?

I would have to say getting food from a food-truck after a night on 6th Street. There are so many trucks to choose from and most of them are pretty delicious!

Go! Favorite movie of all time!

Zoolander… that is all.

Last but not least, ME! Tiffany Taveras.

Where I am from:

I am from Valdosta, a small town in Southern Georgia right on the border of Florida. I lived there almost all of my life and didn’t really feel connected to it until I actually moved to Austin. I miss parts of it sometimes, but I love Austin!

Why I came to Austin, TX:

Well, it was a year after graduation and I was deciding on New York or LA. Obviously both are very expensive and I didn’t know anyone in the industry in either. My mentor then suggested I got to Dallas or Austin, since he was originally from Texas. He said Austin was turning into a mini LA and that it would be a great place to get my feet wet in a larger market.

What sparked my interest in television/film:

Well, I’ve always loved movies but never really thought about making them. When I first went to college I decided I wanted to be a news reporter/anchor. After learning more about news and how it really functioned I decided that it wasn’t for me. Thankfully, that same semester I was taking a “Film Aesthetics” class and it really opened my eyes to all the steps that go into a production. It was awing and inspiring; I wanted to be a part of it.

My ultimate career goal:

I want to be an Editor/Motion Graphics Artist. I’ve been able to work in that area a little bit but in a very small town. I definitely see myself working for an Ad Agency or a production company editing commercials, promo content for the web, or even a film here or there. I lose myself in the edit and that’s when I discovered it was for me!

How I discovered Fueld Films:

I actually met an employee from Fueld, Brian Diggs, and he referred me to the internship coordinator. After I looked up the website and saw the quality of the productions and who some of the clients were I felt it would be an amazing opportunity and I jumped on it.

Spare time activities:

I’m a huge gamer! My current addiction is “The Last of Us”. I think my love of film/television comes into play here because I LOVE a game with a good story. I love collecting movies, I have an unnatural obsession with Game of Thrones, and I watch a lot of anime… Like a lot. I also love to watch tutorials. I look up tutorials for EVERYTHING! Cooking, cleaning, crafting, editing, folding fitted sheets, you name it!

My opinion on a “Must See/Do” in Austin:

I recently took my best friend to see the bats on Congress. It was so beautiful, scary, and captivating watching the bats fly off at dusk. I will never forget it!

Favorite movie of all time:

This is a tough one… There are too many so I’m just going to name top 5: Crash, The Green Mile, What Maisie Knew, The Adjustment Bureau, Inception. (Also, anything with Leonardo DiCaprio!!! Can we give him an Oscar already!!!)

I can definetly speak for all the interns when I say we’re excited about working with Fueld Films. We’re all anxious to get started on upcoming productions and ready to learn the day to day processes of running a production office. Thank you Fueld for this opportunity and look out for future posts from the newbies!