We are all about collaborations, so when we found out that our very own Fueld team members were doing so on a side project, we were beyond thrilled! Haley (who writes for us on the blog) came to Fueld this year as an intern. Within a few months, she's knocked our socks off helping out around the office and on set and she's already starting to stretch her wings as a budding film star. Brian came to Fueld around a year ago to join the finance team. He not only has experience as an accounting clerk at places like Disney but he's also a talented Cinematographer/Photographer. Talk about multi-talented.

The two joined forces to tell "Her Story" a short film written by Haley and inspired by her older sister, Inger's, battle with cancer. Through making the film and sharing it with others she hopes to help spread the word about terminal illness and its effect on family members. And ultimately how it can teach us the importance of appreciating love and life's precious moments. Watch the beautiful trailer here or below. 

We asked Haley a few questions to get to know more insight behind the project. 

How did the story of you and Brian partnering up come about?

Dear, dear Brian. I had mentioned the fact that I had finished a script early on in my internship at Fueld. Brian showed interest in reading the script and being involved. Little did I know that Brian, hiding as an accountant, happens to be an incredible Director of Photography. After watching his reel with my team we were unanimous in bringing Brian on as DP...which is SO cool because Brian and I are buddies.

What has the process been like working together thus far?

I love working with Brian. He jelled right away with the team I had put together (a slew of individuals I had met through various Austin film communities...one being my OTHER internship at Detour Film Production). Another thing I love about Brian being the DP is that I think he "gets" me and my style. Brian and I are always cracking each other up and often we communicate with just a look. What better than a telepathic relationship to form a creative team?

What did you learn from Fueld that helped you in the film making process?

Fueld was in TRUTH the gateway to all of my current success in Austin Film/TV. The relationships I have made and the connections that have been facilitated by Fueld have directly influenced my ability to form an EXCEPTIONAL team within Austin. Additional to the relationship building aspect, Fueld has taught me a lot about the culture I strive for both on set and throughout the production process. It is SO important...the best environment for creativity and productivity is one that facilitates positive reinforcement and allows for the people within in to HAVE FUN with each other. Fueld is one-of-a-kind in its family-like feel. It is a company that truly puts people first...and that's how I want my productions to be too. So much love for my peeps at Fueld.

What do you hope to get out of the project? 

Well. First we need the funding. That's where the Kickstarter comes in. We have been so lucky with the people involved and the incredible support we have received already from communities all over the WORLD (we have even gotten donations from Australia). Right now we are focused on reaching our fundraising goal.  Once the film is funded we will go into production. I believe that the future of this project post-production is bright. We hope to make the festival circuit and ride that wave into distribution.

What advice do you have for other filmmakers starting out?

Get involved. Do internships, go to meet ups, take classes. All of the progress I have made this far has come from my relationships and community involvement AND experimentation! I have interest in ALL areas of Film/TV production...so I have worked in development, post, and currently am involved in production. I have my sights set on Writing, Directing, Acting and Producing so there is MUCH to learn.

Learn more and Donate 

Haley and her team are hoping to raise a modest $5,000 for the film and you can help out by donating anywhere from $1 all the way up to $1,000 which gets you an Executive Producer title. They've got some pretty sweet incentives to give money, so head over to their fundraising page to help them reach their goal and be sure to like their page on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest.