For those of us in Texas, we tend to know a thing or two about beer! Particularly one of our favorite beers: Shiner, brewed right here in our backyard in Texas.

Last spring we filmed a a series of spots with them and McGarrah Jessee in Shiner, TX to announce that Shiner was coming to New York and Philly. It was fun getting to know even more about the brewery and the kind people down in Shiner, TX (including Brewmaster Jimmy).

This fall we went back to Shiner to learn even more. Like "What is the population of Shiner?" and "Who makes Shiner?"

Curious to know the answers? Well, you're in luck because we just happen to have a few spots with everything you probably ever wanted to know about Shiner (the beer AND the town).

Producer: Erin Malloy
Director: Ben Hurst / Dave Thomas
Executive Producers: Brady Anderton, Summer Finley
Agency: McGarrah Jessee
Agency Producer: Meredith Roach
Director of Photography: Shane Kelly

So now you know! Don't you feel a bit smarter already? Check out more behind the scenes photos on Facebook.