You know the saying "Don't feed the animals"? Well we say, screw that! And anyway, the rule doesn't apply when the aniamls are Shiner Beer bottles. We had the pleasure of working once again with our friends at McGarrah Jessee and Directing duo Ben/Dave on the latest Shiner campaign for their new "White Wing" beer.

First off, the final spot, and then we’ll share a little bit more behind the scenes fun…

Agency Producer: Meredith Roach

Creative:  Kevin/Ross and Jeff Miller
Director: Ben/Dave

Production Manager: Erin Malloy
Executive Producers: Brady Anderton and Summer FInley 

“There's a simple, goofy magic to the idea of regular old beer bottles behaving like birds," said Ben and Dave, both speaking as always in perfect unison. "So we wanted to make the beer-birds the only out-of-place element in these spots. Everything else was played straight, like nothing weird was going on."

As all great concepts do, they start with a plan…and Ben/Dave’s sketch of this idea started to bring the concept to life.

The production was simple, execution was flawless. Thanks to the skills of our prop team, including Chris Stull, the bottles were shot using rods and monofilament to puppet. Filmed in front of green-screen cards the rods and wires were then removed in post, courtesy of the talented folks at TBD Post. See for yourself how it looked pre-post in this rough cut.

Pretty cool eh? And talk about killing two bird with one stone,  besides “Feeding” we also filmed “Cars,” another hilarious spot featuring the little bird bottles. 

Still thirsty for more? Check out behind the scenes photos of the making of, taken by our very own Brian Diggs, over on Facebook.