High cholestoral is no laughing matter but when it comes to addressing uncomfortable topics like your health, sometimes a little humor can be just what the doctor ordered. That's exactly the approach CRESTOR took when educating consumers on their prescription drug helping to lower cholesterol.

In Texas, we take our sports teams (and our nacho cheese fries) very seriously, so in a way you could say we are "SuperFans" like the guy in the spot. And even if you're not a sports fan, how could you not be a SuperFan of this?

Agency: Digitas Health / Client: AstraZeneca "CRESTOR" / Directors: Ben/Dave / EP: Brady Anderton, Summer Finley / Producers: Barry Heaps / Danielle Shilling

And just to prove that we were SuperFans of Crestor here's Executive Producer, Summer Finley and Producer Barry Heaps sporting their orange CRESTOR headbands!

SuperFan aired nation-wide in October, here's a schedule of the media placements in case you happened to see one of the airings of SuperFan.

10/4 ABC World news 6:30-7pm
10/5 NCB nightly news sat 6;30- 7pm
10/8 ABC The Chew 1-2Pm
10/9 ABC The View 11-12 pm
10/9 CBS The talk 2-3pm
10/10 ABC World news 6:30-7pm
10/10 CBS Evening News 6:30-7pm
10/13 CBS Evening news 6:30-7pm