At Fueld, nothing gets us amped up more than having a little fun. So when we saw the boards for Progressive's "Baby Man" the little kid inside of us jumped for joy. We partnered up with Directing Duo Ben/Dave and Arnold Worldwide to tell the story to millennials about why they should grow up and "dump" their parent's insurance.

We all remember the E*Trade baby (who retired in March). Well now the table's have turned and there is a new spokesbaby getting spoon fed by eyeballs on the interweb. Complete with farting, burping and the whole nine yards. See for yourself in this series of short spots:  

Since the campaign was targeted for a younger audience, what better place to run them than on Facebook? Even Progressive's Facebook page has been taken over by "That Guy" (sorry Flo).

Read more about the strategy behind the campaign on Ad Week and the Boston Globe. And if you're ready for a change, then walk (or crawl) on over to for a free quote!