After Brady's sister up-fitted our Salt Lake City office and blew us away with her creativity (see here), we knew we needed her to come rescue our Austin office too. Unlike SLC, that was a new space and a blank canvas to work with, Austin was a mish-mash of configurations and furniture acquired from over the years. Some leftover from shoots, and others well, we really don't know where they came from to begin with (and let's be honest, we weren't sad to see some of it go). Other pieces like the iconic desk used in our Shiner spots were re-purposed (read about here), and of course the taxidermy were too good to let go of - those guys are practically family! We've seen dozens of iterations of the Austin office over the past 5 years and we've moved suites a few times before we finally found our sweet spot. And man is she sweet! Shall we take a walk down memory lane?”

First off, the main office. Look closely at the wall: recognize what it is? A gigantic city map of downtown Austin...

...and, it was all done with Sharpies! See how hard these ladies worked to make magic with magic markers? (And assembled light figures too!) 

And if you turn around, you'll see those pseudo walls really do exist now, with doors and all! No more cubetopia. 

Brady's office in the far left corner there? It got a facelift too! Amazing what a little color will do to the place, eh? 

And a peek inside Erin and Lauren's offices, just to the right of Brady's.

Let's move across the hall to Accounting and Summer's office. Can you spot the differences? 

And another's like night and day how much better the space is. 

And we just love how this wall turned out. 

Now remember that door to no where at the end of the hall? Well take a peek inside because it's ours too now! Complete with a full kitchen and edit bay... 

...another conference room, bar and entire work space for meetings and productions. 

We just love the attention to detail, personal touches and all the little things that go a long way, like Brady's trophy collection. 

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this masterpiece. We're pretty darn proud of how far we've come and couldn't have gotten here with out a few late nights over the past couple months. We can't thank the entire team enough for this labor of love who pulled off a miracle of an office redesign. 

“Design is the appropriate combination of materials in order to solve a problem.”
— Charles Eames