Fueld Films is excited to officially announce the launch of its sister company, The Republic Collective. Co-founded by Fueld's partners Brady Anderton and Summer Finley Kelly, The Republic Collective is a new collaborative resource network built on the principles of cooperation, transparency, quality and reach. Whether you live in Portland or Atlanta, Salt Lake City or Denver, The Republic Collective connects advertising agencies with carefully curated and vetted production partners like Fueld, from around the nation. The Republic Collective followed its own model to source production partners and create a brand video that captures the spirit of the movement, demonstrates activation, and gives insight to the benefits of joining.

Design / Animation: SPILLT
Creative Direction: Ryan Bramwell
Copywriter: Dave Thomas
Music / Sound Design: Andrew Vastola

And, The Republic model is already working! Fueld partnered up with The Republic Collective and MRM / / McCann Salt Lake City to acccess cutting-edge directors, editors, and graphic effects artists to push the creative envelope in a series of B2B videos. 

This is only the begining of what's going to be incredible things to come! A game changer for sure and we couldn't be more proud of our siblingFor more on The Republic Collective, to submit a project, and to apply to become an affiliated company, visit www.therepublic.tv.