Tomorrow hundreds of millions of people around the world will tune in to watch the XXII Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in Sochi, Russia!  On this day world-class athletes become warriors of the winter sports and heroes in the eyes of those who admire their unwavering will to succeed, and drive to win.  Although this may be one of the more troubled Olympics to date, these masters in the advertising games remind us of the bravery, dedication, resolve, and uncompromising spirit that our athletes represent as Team USA!  Feel the emotion, the passion and determination all gloriously wrapped up in these precursory, well-constructed spots worthy of Olympic gold!

1) P& G “Thank You, Mom”

First place goes to…

Moms around the world will identify with this heart-warming spot, as it reminds us that it is through our failures, not our successes that make us stronger.

2) United Airlines “Athletes Abroad”

With a patriotic ring, United Airlines and the beloved Matt Damon “carry the hopes of our nation.” Go Team USA!

3) Visa “Now women get a chance to fly” – Sarah Hendrickson

Following in the footsteps of pioneering women like Amelia Earhart, Sarah Hendrickson paves the way for future generations of women ski jumpers.

4) BMW “Bobsled”

Strength, determination, and guts are what gold metals are made of!  This adrenaline fueled BMW spot reveals the secret to success.

5) Visa “Everywhere”

Dare to dream…  You never know where you may be tomorrow.

6) AT&T  “It’s Our Time”

AT&T shows their support for the games with this touching spot featuring American skeleton racer, Noelle Pikus-Pace. 

7) Head and Shoulders “World’s No. 1”

Although not sporting the red, white, and blue, Pittsburgh Penguins’ captain, Evgeni Malkin, inspires us with his story of strength.  Winning is only part of the game.  Having the confidence to get there is where the game truly begins.  And that is universal!

8) Samsung “Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Partner”

Passion equals success!  This high-energy, well-paced spot is about more than winning.  It’s about having a hunger that always drives you to reach new heights.

9) BBC Sport “Olympic Promo”

If you weren’t already sufficiently stoked for this year’s Olympic games, this BBC promo spot will ignite you with a feeling of fierce competition that only Games of Thrones star, Charles Dance’s menacing voice can deliver.  Just watch… It’s pretty awesome!

10) McDonalds “Gold Medal Olympic”

And lastly, but definitely far from least, of so many great creative works, McDonalds cleverly gives you a taste for the gold with a comparison of gold medals and golden chicken nuggets.

Best of luck to all of the Olympic athletes, let the games begin! Who inspires you? Comment below…